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Still Bloggin’ April 18, 2006

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Just checking my site stats and apparently you guys are still visiting on a daily basis, which means the blogging continues.  I was going to give up on this whole blog thing as work and family commitments were taking up all of my time but since you guys are still visiting, perhaps I shall continue to blog. 

So what shall I blog about today?  Well I could talk about the heartbreaking elimination of my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs from the playoffs.  They played some pretty exciting hockey down the stretch but just ran out of time.  I'm sure Ottawa Senator fans are extremely relieved at the prospect of not being eliminated by the pesky Leafs in the playoffs again.  There's a chance the Sens will play the Montreal Canadiens in the first round and I'm sure a lot of Leaf fans will be cheering for the Habs, the lesser of two evils. 

That's it for now.  Gotta get back to work.


Random Ramblings April 3, 2006

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Anyone else as frustrated at Tim Hortons as I am?  They have all of these great prizes to give away yet they can't seem to give them away to people, namely me.  I've spent a pretty penny at various locations in Ottawa and Cornwall with nary a free coffee or doughnut.  

Congrats to my bro-in-law Lee who is starting his new job in downtown Ottawa at CGI today.  Best of luck man.

It's great to see the Toronto Maple Leafs on a roll right now.  They completely destroyed Buffalo Saturday night and face them again tonight.  Too bad they are a little late to the party and too bad they didn't try out J.S. Aubin earlier, maybe against Montreal in those back to back games a couple of weeks ago.  Things could have be really interesting as Montreal might not be in a playoff position today.  I'm kinda wondering if the Leafs would be in the playoffs right now had John Jr. had the smarts to re-sign Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts.

Remember that whole gambling controversy with Gretzky and his wife Janet?  Nope?  Me neither. 

Carley and I went on a date this weekend.  We shipped Ella off to Grandma and Bobby and went to Don Cherry's for supper and saw Inside Man at the local movie theatre.  If you want to see a smart, funny and entertaining movie you should go see this film.  Denzel Washington is great and the way they pull off the bank heist is pure genius.

The toughest decision I will ever make:  Choosing between Lost or 24 if they are ever on at the same time. 

Lost in the Renos March 22, 2006

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It’s still pretty hectic here at work.  I just saw the floor plan for the renovations that will be happening in my area and it looks pretty good, although my office seems to be a little smaller.  One really good thing about it is that the server room is not moving, meaning there will be zero disruptions and zero time for me in the office on a weekend to move the darn thing.  The next step in the process is to get everyone to agree on the floor plan and then get an engineer in to see if the changes are even possible.  After that, they have to get all of the proper permits in place before construction can begin.  So we’re looking at another 4 to 6 weeks before the women in the office can ogle and drool at the construction guys. 

Remember when I said that 24 was the best show on TV?  Well I was wrong, Lost is equally as good if not better.  Carley and I are latecomers to this awesome show, which I guess has it’s advantages.  Instead of waiting a week for the next episode, you can rent the entire season and watch it all in one sitting.  We started to watch the first season on DVD a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been downloading and watching the first several episodes of season two.  I hope to be all caught up by tomorrow night as they are going to be airing a new episode.  Maybe it’s me but for some reason, I cannot look away from the TV screen when Kate is in a scene.  Damn the powers of the mysterious island.

Twelve Roll-up-the-Rim cups, twelve straight “Please play again”.  Stupid Tim Hortons.

Work And Stuff March 8, 2006

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Bloggin’ ain’t easy.  Especially when you are the only IT person in your office of 80 employees and tasked with some level of involvement in a major renovations project that’s about to happen in your part of the office which could include purchasing and implementing new computer equipment and configuring a brand new server room.  So that’s my excuse for the lack of updates.  I could blog while I’m at home but there are more important things to occupy my time with.  Here are a couple of random ramblings:

–  I have one word for Mr. Bernard Shapiro, the supposedly unbiased federeal ethics commissioner:  RESIGN.  It is quite clear that the only people who will ever be targeted under your watch are those not of the Liberal persuasion.  Do us all a favour and step aside for a more honourable person to take over. 

–  The big NHL trade deadline is tomorrow.  Anyone skipping work to watch all day coverage of it on the sports networks?

–  Canada won their first game of the World Baseball Classic last night.  They beat South Africa 11 to 8.  I get the feeling I’m the only one that knows about this tournament and actually care about it.  GO CANADA GO!

–  Are you like me?  Do you only go to Tim Hortons whenever it’s Roll-up-the-Rim time?  I’m spending a friggin’ fortune there.  And it’s not helping my waistline.

Gotta go.  Stupid work getting in the way of bloggin’.

Random Ramblings February 22, 2006

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So it looks like Gretzky being a distraction at the Olympics didn’t pan out.  All of the naysayers were proven wrong for thinking that our Olympic athletes would somehow crumble under the huge dsitraction Gretzky would impose on the games, causing them to lose their events or take away from their glory.  The media attention has been so tamed that when Gretzky talked to them the other day, I was able to count the amount microphones that were present on one hand.  All of which probably belonged to the Canadian media.  Oh and it looks like he’s suffering financially for this whole gambling scandal:

Amid a gambling scandal that has touched several people close to Wayne Gretzky, retailer Roots Canada has given the legendary Canadian hockey player a vote of confidence.

Roots announced yesterday it has signed a multi-year marketing deal with Gretzky to promote a new line of clothing in its stores.


–  Watching the women’s hockey team win the gold medal makes it all the more infuriating that some people want to see the sport eliminated from future Olympic games.  The reasoning for it is absurd and the people championing it should be ashamed of themselves. 

–  One major complaint I have about the CBC’s coverage of the Olympics is the absence of any radio coverage.  I was trying to find the men’s hockey game yesterday on the CBC’s website where you can listen to the radio and found nothing.  I was going through all of the cities they have listed on their site (most of which did not work) and did not find any coverage.  What the heck are we paying for anyway?  It would be nice if they had some coverage of the men’s hockey game today.

–  I don’t know who that figure skating analyst Brian Williams had on the other night but she was a pretty hot cougar.

–  Speaking of Brian Willians, I’m not sure if most of you know this but he is broadcasting live from the CBC’s Toronto studios.  Not from somewhere in Turin. 

–  As team Canada battle the Russians today, let’s give them our full support.  Win or lose.  They are getting grilled by many fans and pundits for their play of late, but let’s remember that Canada is not the only team with the best players in the world.  Let’s give the other countries some credit and be grateful that Olympic hockey has become so competitive that a team from Switzerland are in the quarter finals.  GO CANADA GO!

Random Ramblings February 14, 2006

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Enough of this already!  I’m sure most of you, like me, are getting tired of the hoopla surrounding Wayne Gretzky and his alleged involvement in some elaborate gambling sceme where the only evidence against him have been his dastardly attempts at protecting his wife and his penchant for gambling in, get this, Las Vegas!  The media should realize that it’s going to take a lot more than idle speculation and annonymous sources to take down Canada’s hockey hero. 

And this crap about Gretzky being a distraction to the team?  Well, isn’t it fair to say that it’s the media that’s going to cause the most distraction?  And isn’t it possible that Team Canada will now be even more determined to win the Gold in order to prove the naysayers were wrong about Gretzky attending the games? 

– Best commercial on TV has to be the series involving the two spokesbeavers for Bell, Frand and Gordon.  Those two are hilarious.  Can anyone confirm if Norm MacDonald is the voice of one of the beavers?

– I was watching the speedkating competition the yesterday and I must say that I am quite bothered by those skin tight outfits the men were wearing.  Not so much so for the women though. 

– The women’s hockey team have been criticized for running up the score this past weekend against the Italians and Russians.  How can you not run up the score on teams that are so much weaker than you are?  It’s good to have enough respect for the other team to not embarass them, but what are the women suppose to do?  Play keep-away in their own end of the ice? 

– Best comedy on TV that’s not animated:  The Office (US version).  I think the DVD of the first season is out and it’s definitely worth renting or even buying. 

–  In the “Who friggin’ cares” department:  Saddam in ‘hunger strike’ protest.

Random Ramblings January 17, 2006

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So I did my civic duty last night and took advantage of the advance polls.  Thought I’d get my vote in there for my Conservative candidate Guy Lauzon before I changed my mind (yeah right!).  My true reason for voting early was to avoid the lineups and to allow for a free evening to watch the election coverage, the hockey game between the Sens and Leafs and of course another episode of 24.  Not sure which one of the three will be more exciting though.

–  Speaking of 24, if you ever wanted to know what having an addiction is all about, watch this show.  It is quite possibly the best TV show ever!  We were treated to four hours of it on Sunday and Monday and the week cannot go by fast enough until the next episode.  The show is so good that Carley gave up her usual Sunday night viewing of Desperate Housewives to watch it.

–  Anyone watch the Steelers/Colts game Sunday?  What an incredible game and the ending was just unbelievable.  Being a kicker is probably the most stressful job in football.  Oh and the easiest is probably that of a referee.  Especially when you are able to review a play using instant replay.  Unless your name is Pete Morelli, the referee who blew that call in the fourth quarter where the Steeler’s Troy Polamalu clearly intercepted the ball.  Probably one of the worst calls in NFL history.  Even the NFL admitted it was a bad call.  Could you imagine the controversy if the Colts actually came back and won that game?  You can kiss your job goodbye Morelli.  And don’t even think of showing your face in public anymore.

–  TV show I hate without ever watching an episode:  Falcon Beach.

–  TV commercial I’m beginning to get annoyed with:  Scotia Partners Portfolio.

–  Have you seen the commercial for Skating with Celebrities where they flashed the faces of the celebrities who were going to be on the show?  Were you able to recognize any of them?  Me neither.  Oh and if you really want to know, the celebrities are: 

Dave Coulier
Bruce Jenner
Deborah Gibson
Todd Bridges
Jillian Barberie
Kristy Swanson

Good list of unemployed celebrities from the 1990’s and possibly 80’s as well.  Nice.

Random Ramblings December 13, 2005

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Let’s dispel the unfair assumption by many Canadians that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have a hidden agenda by making Harper take a lie detector test.  As a supporter I think Harper is probably one of the more honest politicians out there and he would easily come out clean on the test.  Perhaps it might be a good idea to have all the political leaders take the test but how to do you get Martin to actually answer simple yes/no questions?  Besides, it could take all day as he would have to check the polls or consult with a focus group to come up with an answer. 

One good thing about a holiday election campaign; lawn signs decorated with Christmas lights.  Or Holiday lights if you are a Liberal. 

Speaking of lawn signs.  In regards to my riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry, if the election was based solely on the amount of signs out there, Guy Lauzon (Conservative) would win in a landslide, followed by Elaine MacDonald (NDP) and then Tom Manley (Liberal).  Not sure who the Green Party candidate is.  I could probably find out but that would just waste pollution creating power that powers this laptop that I am writing this blog on.  Although in retrospect I could have looked it up if I had not just written about why I didn’t look it up.  Confusing no?  Anyways,  Lauzon is the incumbent and seems to be very tough to beat.

Beer and popcorn?  I think most Canadians would spend that $100 a month the Conservatives want to give to parents on donuts and coffee at Tim Hortons.  That Scott Reid, he’s obviously not in-tuned with ordinary Canadians. 

Just saw a promo for the finale of Trump’s Apprentice this week.  Apparently the Donald has a surprise for us.  Judging from previous promos where the announcer proclaims Randal and Rebecca as the best final two ever, I’m thinking Trump is going to hire both of them.  Just a hunch.  We’ll know Thursday and hopefully I’ll be back here on Friday to brag about it. 

Speaking about the Apprentice, does anyone really care who wins the spot as Martha’s Apprentice?  I’m only going to watch just so that I can see Jim crash and burn for the out of place candidate he really is.  Come on!  Jim cannot be the face of Martha’s company.  That wouldn’t be a good thing.  My money is on Dawna. 

I saw a commercial for 24 the other day and was surprised to see, get ready for this, an explosion!  God I love that show.  Apparently there is a 10 minute prequel to season five on the season four DVD box set.  I downloaded it from somewhere.  Not sure if it was the Internet.  Could be.  Let me know if you guys want a copy of it. 

Most disturbing commercial on TV has to be that Maple Leaf ready-to-serve pot roast commercial where we see dad wearing a pair of ladies pants bent over taking the roast out of the oven.  Thankfully Maple Leaf, probably at the behest of many dads out there, revised that commercial to not include the butt shot. 

Hey Robitussin, stop trying to get us to say “Robitussin” every time someone coughs.  It’s not going to happen. 

We are twelve days from Christmas and surprisingly, I’ve only had three people ask if I got all of my shopping done.  Nobody seems to care anymore I guess. 

If Jason Spezza is not named to the Canadian Olympic hockey team, expect a flurry of conspiracy theories from Ottawa Senators fans on why he didn’t make it.  Somehow I think the Toronto Maple Leafs will get the blame.  Considering the Olympic coach is none other than Pat Quinn.