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Life Guard Bathroom Break May 10, 2006

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Lee passed along this hilarious clip.  Funny guy that Jamie Kennedy.


Super Bowl Ads February 6, 2006

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Because we live in Canada, we were only privy to mostly Canadian ads during the Super Bowl, of which I do not remember any one of them.  Except for those friggin’ Falcon Beach commercials.  I have yet to meet anyone who watches that damn show.  iFilm, one of the best video clip websites on the Internet has all of the ads the people in the states or those with grey market satellites were able to watch.  Check them out here

All in all, it was a good game.  I had to leave halfway through it to go play soccer.  Which we lost once again.  I made it home in time to see that pretty play by Randel El to Hines Ward.  It was a gutsy play you don’t ever see in a big game like the Super Bowl. 

Political Humour December 12, 2005

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A little political humour and it’s only funny when it is at the expense of our esteemed Prime Minister:

Prime Minister Paul Martin was invited to address a major gathering of
the Canadian First Nations two weeks ago in Northern Canada.

He spoke for almost an hour on his future plans for increasing every
natives present standard of living, should he be re-elected. He also
referred to his career as Finance Minister. Although the Prime Minister
was vague about the details of his plan, he seemed most enthusiastic
about his future ideas for helping his “sisters and brothers”.

At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes presented him with a plaque
inscribed with his new Indian name – Walking Eagle. The Proud Prime
Minister then departed in his motorcade, waving to the crowds.

A news reporter later enquired to the group of Chiefs as to how they
came to select the new name given to the Prime Minister. They explained
that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird that is so full of shit,
it can no longer fly.

Great stuff!

Holy Crap! December 2, 2005

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Check out this amazing video.  It’s gotta be a fake. 

12 Satellites Dishes, 5000 Channels November 30, 2005

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And there’s probably nothing to watch:

Then come to Al Jessup’s house — where his 5,000-plus radio and television stations from around the world beamed in by his 12 satellite dishes are bound to keep you entertained somehow.

Since 1998, the Beckley resident has amassed a collection of 12 dishes around his James Street home. He said he first just began subscribing to Direct TV and Dish Network, but he later learned that by purchasing special satellite receivers he could receive “free to air” programming from several different satellites swirling the globe. The information on how to adjust a dish and set up a receiver to pick up programming from these stations such as Galaxy 10, AMC 2 and Telestar 5 is included with these receivers.

Full Story

This story reminds me of the first Simpsons Halloween special where the Simpsons get abducted by aliens and while on the ship they are shown this entertainment centre and Bart has this exchange with the alien:

Alien: On this cable system, we receive over one million channels from the furthest reaches of the galaxy.
Bart: Do you get HBO?
Alien: No, that would cost extra.