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Most Annoying Thing About Some Websites… August 25, 2006

Posted by Binford in Other Stuff.

Is the stupid little audio clip that plays as soon as you go to that website.  A great example is my car dealership’s site (WARNING!  Make sure your volume is down low as to not disturb other people in you office with such a nasty little jingle).  This should be one of the deadliest sins of web design and a reason to boycott any websites that have it on there.



1. pug dog clothes - April 30, 2007

pug dog clothes

–>pug dog clothes

2. appliance small - May 31, 2007

appliance small

appliance small source

3. twila paris - June 5, 2007

twila paris

Fresh information about twila paris.

4. robin of teen titans - June 7, 2007

robin of teen titans

ka-ka-sh-ka 1402875 This site is about robin of teen titans.

5. fart anal - June 7, 2007

fart anal

ka-ka-sh-ka 1402875 The fart anal

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