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The 20 Scariest Movies of All Time May 10, 2006

Posted by Binford in Entertainment.

Check out this list of the 20 scariest movies of all time.  It's not surprising that most on the list are older movies as I have not seen a decent scary flick in a long time.  I've seen some gory and disturbing ones but not the type that would scare the begeezus out of you.  My favourite on this list is Seven. 



1. amanda - July 22, 2006

definitely some more modern ones that are good and scary are: ju-on: the grudge (not the lame remake), the eye, and the descent.

2. melina - September 22, 2006

oh my gosh! i dont know what i got into but i saw this posty thingy so i wasnted my name on here!….. it makes me feel famous even tho nobody probly gets on here. i probly got on 2 a nerd website nah i’m just playin’ i’m nerdy 2– not book nerdy but retarded nerdy i dont have n e disablilities but yeah well nevermind

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