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A Grave Injustice May 31, 2006

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Sometimes, the real criminals are the judges who have a bigger heart for the crinimal than they do for the victim and society.

A Montreal man convicted of sexually assaulting his young daughter and posting pictures of the crime on the internet has had his prison sentence reduced by the Quebec Court of Appeal.

In a 2-1 ruling on Tuesday, the court ruled the man's crimes were not among the worst sexual assaults ever committed, and agreed to reduce his sentence from 15 years to nine.


One wonders how these judges sleep at night.  An absolute tragedy.


The Curse of King Clancy May 17, 2006

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This is probably the best explanation for the Senator's collapse in the playoffs, The Curse of King Clancy.

No Lost Repeats! May 17, 2006

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This is not a bad idea.  Although you have to wait a couple of months for the new episodes.

It's a plight that Lost fans know all too well — you tune in on a Wednesday night praying for a new episode only to find a random repeat from nearly a season earlier, or else a lengthy and unexpected clip show. ABC is hoping to eliminate that experience.

Following a format somewhat resembling Fox's successful treatment of 24, ABC revealed its new fall schedule on Tuesday, vowing to dramatically reduce Lost repeats. The plan calls for Lost to begin the season in its standard Wednesday 8 p.m.CT time slot, but just when the show would typically move into a rerun cycle in the winter, ABC has an alternative up its sleeve.

"We really wanted to just say to the audience, 'Listen, it's going to be on for this block here and then we'll bring it back and it will run straight through,'" explains ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson. "So yes, the plan is that Lost will come on in the fall in the first or second week of the season, run for seven episodes and then Day Break will launch into that period and Lost will come back in January or early February and run straight through for the remainder for the season."


Too Old for Idol? May 17, 2006

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Taylor Hicks

Anyone else think this dude is too old to be an American Idol?

Wanna Be A Hero? May 17, 2006

Posted by Binford in Politics.

It's very simple.  All you have to do is:

1.  Develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol
2.  Run and become a politician
3.  Give a speech in front of people admitting to your addiction

It's a bloody shame that some people don't buy into this type of heroism:

So now we're supposed to feel how about Health Minister George Smitherman's revelations that for 10 years he was hooked on "party" drugs and he had a bit of a problem with booze?

We're supposed to pat him on the back and tell him he's "courageous."

Who does he think he's kidding?

Cry me a river. A courageous person doesn't do drugs in the first place. A courageous politician tells voters BEFORE he runs for election that he's had a substance abuse problem. Then you let voters decide. You don't land yourself a plum job as health minister lecturing everyone about lifestyle — and then tell us to do as I say and not as I do.

We needed to know this before he ran because it speaks to character. A young person who is focused and hard-working doesn't become so involved in the party scene that they become addicted to drugs.


If you can't detect my sarcasm, then I guess I have to try harder.

The Rudest Thing You Can Do At Work May 17, 2006

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Top 9 office etiquette pet peeves:

  • Using profanity: 91 percent
  • Being spoken to in a condescending tone: 44 percent
  • Public reprimand: 37 percent
  • Micromanaging: 34 percent
  • Loud talkers: 32 percent
  • Cell phones ringing at work: 30 percent
  • Using speakerphones in public areas: 22 percent
  • Personal conversations in the workplace: 11 percent
  • Using PDAs during meetings: 9 percent


You can find great examples of these and others on The Office on NBC.  What a great show.

Why I Hate Celebrities May 17, 2006

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Because they are too cheap to pay for anything:

Mega-diva Barbra Streisand and television actor James Brolin might be millionaires many times over, but don't expect them to pay $20 for a pair of movie tickets.

Arriving at the Mann Agoura Hills 8 near their Malibu estate on Friday night — apparently to see "Mission: Impossible III" — the 64-year-old singer-actress and her 65-year-old hubby wheedled their way into free seats by schmoozing the teenager in charge.


Maybe they were saving their money for the over-priced popcorn.

The Gun Registry Fraud May 17, 2006

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Andrew Coyne writes about Sheila Fraser's latest expose on the corruption of the Liberals in regards to the gun registry and why we should never trust them again.  Here in a nutshell is what Fraser found: 

So in some ways, the Auditor-General's latest report is the most damning of all. There is no way to deny or minimize the stark reality of what it contains: Liberal cabinet ministers colluded in a scheme of deception — fraud is another word — to hide the mounting costs of the gun registry. They did so, what is more, not to avoid mere embarrassment or criticism, but to defy the will of Parliament. Having been told they could not spend more than a certain figure, they did, and cooked the books to conceal what they had done.

Warned, in early 2004, that the costs of the program that year would exceed the amount authorized by Parliament to the tune of nearly $22-million, government officials conspired to have the excess spending counted against future years' budgets — future, as in after the impending election — rather than seek Parliament's approval for the extra funds, and have to disclose the overrun. When government accountants protested this was against the rules, ministers had their legal staff look for loopholes to justify it — unsuccessfully, it appears. The Auditor-General concludes their actions were not only in violation of generally accepted accounting principles, but of the Financial Administration Act.


It's called cooking the books.  Something people in the private sector lose their jobs or go to jail for.  Unfortunately, that's probably not going to be the case.  Can anyone tell me why 28% of voters would still support this party if an election were called today?

Life Guard Bathroom Break May 10, 2006

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Lee passed along this hilarious clip.  Funny guy that Jamie Kennedy.

The 20 Scariest Movies of All Time May 10, 2006

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Check out this list of the 20 scariest movies of all time.  It's not surprising that most on the list are older movies as I have not seen a decent scary flick in a long time.  I've seen some gory and disturbing ones but not the type that would scare the begeezus out of you.  My favourite on this list is Seven.