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Random Ramblings April 3, 2006

Posted by Binford in Random Ramblings.

Anyone else as frustrated at Tim Hortons as I am?  They have all of these great prizes to give away yet they can't seem to give them away to people, namely me.  I've spent a pretty penny at various locations in Ottawa and Cornwall with nary a free coffee or doughnut.  

Congrats to my bro-in-law Lee who is starting his new job in downtown Ottawa at CGI today.  Best of luck man.

It's great to see the Toronto Maple Leafs on a roll right now.  They completely destroyed Buffalo Saturday night and face them again tonight.  Too bad they are a little late to the party and too bad they didn't try out J.S. Aubin earlier, maybe against Montreal in those back to back games a couple of weeks ago.  Things could have be really interesting as Montreal might not be in a playoff position today.  I'm kinda wondering if the Leafs would be in the playoffs right now had John Jr. had the smarts to re-sign Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts.

Remember that whole gambling controversy with Gretzky and his wife Janet?  Nope?  Me neither. 

Carley and I went on a date this weekend.  We shipped Ella off to Grandma and Bobby and went to Don Cherry's for supper and saw Inside Man at the local movie theatre.  If you want to see a smart, funny and entertaining movie you should go see this film.  Denzel Washington is great and the way they pull off the bank heist is pure genius.

The toughest decision I will ever make:  Choosing between Lost or 24 if they are ever on at the same time. 



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