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Lost in the Renos March 22, 2006

Posted by Binford in Random Ramblings.

It’s still pretty hectic here at work.  I just saw the floor plan for the renovations that will be happening in my area and it looks pretty good, although my office seems to be a little smaller.  One really good thing about it is that the server room is not moving, meaning there will be zero disruptions and zero time for me in the office on a weekend to move the darn thing.  The next step in the process is to get everyone to agree on the floor plan and then get an engineer in to see if the changes are even possible.  After that, they have to get all of the proper permits in place before construction can begin.  So we’re looking at another 4 to 6 weeks before the women in the office can ogle and drool at the construction guys. 

Remember when I said that 24 was the best show on TV?  Well I was wrong, Lost is equally as good if not better.  Carley and I are latecomers to this awesome show, which I guess has it’s advantages.  Instead of waiting a week for the next episode, you can rent the entire season and watch it all in one sitting.  We started to watch the first season on DVD a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been downloading and watching the first several episodes of season two.  I hope to be all caught up by tomorrow night as they are going to be airing a new episode.  Maybe it’s me but for some reason, I cannot look away from the TV screen when Kate is in a scene.  Damn the powers of the mysterious island.

Twelve Roll-up-the-Rim cups, twelve straight “Please play again”.  Stupid Tim Hortons.



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