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Summer Fired! March 1, 2006

Posted by Binford in Entertainment.

If there’s one thing you can expect from every new season of the Apprentice, other than Trump’s immoveable hair, is that nobody ever learns from the previous season’s gaffes.  Take for instance Summer, the restaurant owner who got fired last night for interrupting Trump just when he was about to fire Tarek, the supposed genius who led his team to a loss.  She also didn’t help her cause by refusing to answer Carolyn’s questions on what she actually contributed to the task three times.  I guess mentioning the lone phone call she made would have made things a lot worse for her.  Anyone know what the purpose of the phone call was?

Tarek proved two things last night:
1.  Being smarter than everyone else (except Trump of course) doesn’t necessarily make you a good leader.
2.  Stupid team names are not exclusive to people with low IQ scores.  Come on Tarek!  You can do better than Gold Rush Corporation.

Trump Zinger of the night:  “Tarek is totally overrated.”

Good to see a Canadian on the Apprentice.  Too bad it had to be Brent.  I’d give him another week or two.

It seems the one advantage Sean has over the rest of the candidates is his English accent.  I guess you can make anything sound appealing with that accent because it apparently worked on the female membership holders.

Lenny the Russian.  It seems to me he’s probably the only one who learned anything from previous Apprentice seasons by telling Summer to keep a lid on it in the boardroom.



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