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Random Ramblings February 22, 2006

Posted by Binford in Random Ramblings.

So it looks like Gretzky being a distraction at the Olympics didn’t pan out.  All of the naysayers were proven wrong for thinking that our Olympic athletes would somehow crumble under the huge dsitraction Gretzky would impose on the games, causing them to lose their events or take away from their glory.  The media attention has been so tamed that when Gretzky talked to them the other day, I was able to count the amount microphones that were present on one hand.  All of which probably belonged to the Canadian media.  Oh and it looks like he’s suffering financially for this whole gambling scandal:

Amid a gambling scandal that has touched several people close to Wayne Gretzky, retailer Roots Canada has given the legendary Canadian hockey player a vote of confidence.

Roots announced yesterday it has signed a multi-year marketing deal with Gretzky to promote a new line of clothing in its stores.


–  Watching the women’s hockey team win the gold medal makes it all the more infuriating that some people want to see the sport eliminated from future Olympic games.  The reasoning for it is absurd and the people championing it should be ashamed of themselves. 

–  One major complaint I have about the CBC’s coverage of the Olympics is the absence of any radio coverage.  I was trying to find the men’s hockey game yesterday on the CBC’s website where you can listen to the radio and found nothing.  I was going through all of the cities they have listed on their site (most of which did not work) and did not find any coverage.  What the heck are we paying for anyway?  It would be nice if they had some coverage of the men’s hockey game today.

–  I don’t know who that figure skating analyst Brian Williams had on the other night but she was a pretty hot cougar.

–  Speaking of Brian Willians, I’m not sure if most of you know this but he is broadcasting live from the CBC’s Toronto studios.  Not from somewhere in Turin. 

–  As team Canada battle the Russians today, let’s give them our full support.  Win or lose.  They are getting grilled by many fans and pundits for their play of late, but let’s remember that Canada is not the only team with the best players in the world.  Let’s give the other countries some credit and be grateful that Olympic hockey has become so competitive that a team from Switzerland are in the quarter finals.  GO CANADA GO!



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