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Why Are They After Gretzky Again? February 16, 2006

Posted by Binford in Sports.

Because he had prior knowledge of the gambling ring? 

More details supporting Wayne Gretzky’s contention that he had no prior knowledge of the alleged illegal gambling ring emerged Sunday.

According to a report from the Associated Press, a person with knowledge of the investigation confirmed that the wiretap conversation of Gretzky allegedly asking Rick Tocchet how his wife Janet Jones could avoid being named happened last Monday. That is the same day detectives showed up at Gretzky’s home looking to speak to his wife.


Or is it because his wife Janet was involved in something illegal?

A spokesman for the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice told ESPN.com on Wednesday that it is unlikely that additional people will be charged in connection to a gambling ring allegedly financed by Phoenix Coyotes assistant Rick Tocchet and a New Jersey state trooper.

John Hagerty said Janet Jones Gretzky, who allegedly wagered through the ring, and others could be called as witnesses in the case but indicated that Jones Gretzky would not be charged because she has not done anything illegal.


So the media now has nothing to go on.  Nothing to accuse Gretzky of.  They have no reason to talk about anything but hockey.  Except for this:

Norm Clarke, who writes for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, said Jones enjoys playing blackjack for $1,000 a hand.

And while Wayne Gretzky has denied betting on sports, a Vegas insider said Gretzky has dropped more than $2 million in the Nevada city, where gambling is legal.

The head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes has a credit line that allows him to bet up to $25,000 a hand, but reportedly plays well below that level. At that, Gretzky would have a $1-million credit line and would be entitled to free rooms and VIP treatment.


Oh dear God!  Not Vegas.  Not in the capital of the gambling world.  What was Gretzky thinking when he went to Vegas?  Surely anyone with a clear conscience and without sin would avoid those places of evil called the casino. 



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