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Idiot Columnist February 15, 2006

Posted by Binford in Sports.

All this self-righteous attention the media is giving Gretzky is starting to really piss me off!  Sure they are doing their jobs but what more do you think they can get out of him other than that he has no involvement in the gambling affair?  Do they really think he’s going to come out and say more than what he’s already said?  I don’t think so.  It also bugs me that these media guys are now blaming Gretzky for taking the spotlight and media attention away from other athletes.  Like this bozo:

You’ve probably never heard of Sara Renner and Beckie Scott. I had not heard of them until early Tuesday afternoon. But these two Canadian skiers should be famous today, the primary stars of a Bud Greenspan-produced Olympic moment.

About the time Gretzky’s traveling circus arrived at the Turin airport, 2 1/2 hours west of here in the mountain hamlet of Pragelato, the Canadian women were winning a silver medal in the women’s team cross-country skiing team pursuit. Yet there were no TV minicams, no camera flashes, no crowded interview room full of journalists wanting to hear their story.

There should have been an army of journalists in those mountains, because this was a story that embodies the Olympic ideal. On the third lap of a six-lap race, Renner’s ski pole snapped in her hand. She was in first place at the time, but suddenly her arms were flailing away, one arm trying to dig into the snow and protect her lead, the other frantically trying to get the broken pole strap off her other wrist.

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Maybe you can blame your colleagues for not covering the Olympics.  Maybe you can ask them why they weren’t front and center at Renner and Scott’s press conference.  Maybe you can ask them why it was more important to cover and report on an issue that has already been covered and reported on to the complete dismay of sports fans and athletes who just want to watch and compete in the Olympic games.  Maybe you can ask them why they are so ready to swoop down like vultures and pick on the corpse of a man that they’ve vilified for being supportive of his wife and friend. 

Sometimes you have to wonder whether it’s more honourable to be a lawyer than it is to be part of the media.



1. Reagan - February 15, 2006

Completely agree!!

The title of his article is “Gretzky story takes spotlight away from athletes who earned it.” Does he not see that the whole premise of his article is to contradict himself? By just writing this story, which happens to focus more on Gretzky than anything else, he tries to look smart, but actually looks stupid.

To the media: Just stop talking about Gretzky! Period!

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