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A Poker Story January 25, 2006

Posted by Binford in Other Stuff.

So I had my brothers and cousins over last Friday (it was my Dad’s 50th birthday and the girls were there too) and we got the poker chips out to play some Texas Hold’em.  It was some good times all around with the beer flowing freely.  The night’s pot belonged to my cousin Chinh but the best hand of the night went to yours truly.  I started off the round with two numeric hearts.  The “Flop” came down with three hearts; a Queen, a Ten and an Eight.  Immediately the odds were now with me as I got a flush right off the “Flop”.  After some bets the “Turn” came down with another heart.  This time a Seven.  So now it was time to lay it all on the line.  I went all-in, confident that the cards I had in my hand would secure me a victory.  My brother Vien and Chinh were still in it and I suspected that they too were looking at a flush.  For Vien, the stakes were too high and so he folded.  Chinh on the other hand was brimming with confidence.  He took me up on my bet and unloaded the Ace of Hearts.  The best card you can get on a flush.  A card that under normal circumstances would trump every other flush.  There was no way to beat his hand.  Unless you had my hand.  Before Chinh could take ownership of the chips in the pile, I laid down the two hearts I had in my hand.  The Six and the Nine.  A friggin’ STRAIGHT FLUSH!!!  Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.  Everyone was in disbelief.  I couldn’t believe it either, even after I put the cards down.  So that’s my poker story.  I didn’t win the pot but that’s ok because now I have a cool poker story to tell everyone. 



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