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Understanding The Liberal Voter January 20, 2006

Posted by Binford in Politics.

John Derringer writes a good piece in the Toronto Sun today where he describes the three reasons why people vote Liberal.  My favourite reason is this:

There’s a third reason, and it’s plain laziness. There are plenty of Canadians who come home at night and say “Hey, my life’s not bad, why rock the boat?” Incredibly, these folks are willing to overlook the rot of the Chretien/Martin Liberal regimes. This, to me, is like supporting the senior executives of the company you work for, even if they’ve been found to be stealing from the company, and by extension, its workers, because you’re still getting a paycheque. In this scenario, it goes unnoticed by these folks that things at the office could be much better, that the bi-weekly cheque could be much bigger, the health plan better, if a new, accountable, management group were put in place.




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