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Reagan’s Analysis January 20, 2006

Posted by Binford in Politics.

Thought I would post this e-mail I got from my friend and political buddy Reagan who has an exellent analysis of the election campaign so far:

Hey, not much happening here, other than the fact that I’ve been literally glued to political blogs and news websites for the past few weeks.  Very interesting campaign.  Overall, I think we should be happy with the way things are.  Harper really is the best candidate for PM, and should do a good job I think.  Martin, on the other hand, has fallen victim to poor advisors and is once again spewing out the same old stuff.  (Amazingly though, so many people still buy this BS about an extreme “social conservative (and occasionally they use the word “hidden” still) agenda that Martin and his boys are dishing out.  John Duffy needs his head examined.

What I think Canadians really should look to as a positive thing, however, is the fact that it’s the Conservatives, not the Liberals, that are getting positive response from Quebec.  Even Bloc voters are giving him a second look.  All this stuff about “tearing apart the federation” from the Liberals is nonsense.  When will Liberal voters realize that Quebec sees things very differently than them!?  They need a different solution, and it doesn’t include the Liberal method of throwing more money and pro-Canada advertising in their faces.  I think Harper’s concept of greater provincial responsibility is much more appropriate, and if Quebeckers give him a chance, I think they will find it to be positive.  Even though, at this point, Conservatives seem to only have really 3+ seats locked up in Quebec, I think that in itself is a success, considering their overall popular support is much higher than the Liberals, and Harper is an anglophone! 

I think we’re headed for a Conservative minority.  I would have preferred a majority, just because I think this country has gotten weaker over the past few years and a majority government with a new, positive agenda would do it some good.  (It’s unfortunately the Bloc that may keep us in minority territory for a while.  I still say we should outlaw that party!)  But I’ll live with a minority.  It will give Canadians a chance to see Harper in action, not just domestically, but internationally, where I think we’re really seen as a weakling.  He’ll be a much stronger voice than the “oh-so-statesmanlike” Paul Martin.  (Bah.) 

Once again though, this is going to come down to Ontario.  All those people who don’t even follow politics and just turn on CBC the week before the election to see “whoaa…..Steven Harper…..scary…..”  I still say it seems like the “educated” voters are voting for Harper, those who aren’t vote Liberal.  The rest, the idealistic, vote for the socialist parties. 



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