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Headlines January 19, 2006

Posted by Binford in Politics.

Here are some of the stories and articles I read today that were interesting (Courtesy of Nealenews and Bourque Newswatch):

National Post Supports Conservatives – Is the Toronto Star the only newspaper in Canada to endorse the Libs? 

Media Giants Downplay Eye-Popping Polls

Mexico’s Fattest Man Not Afraid to Die – If I ever get that big, somebody shoot me.

Couple Sentenced in Wendy’s Finger Fraud – A little extreme don’t you think?  It would probably be a different story in Canada. 

Defeat Could Cripple Liberals for Years  – Hopefully it’s for a long time.

Grits Burrying Themselves – Instead of a shovel, I think they’re using a backhoe.

Is Buzz A Secret Agent? – MOLE! 

Seismic Shift In Quebec Politics – To the people of Quebec; “Thank You!”

U.S Conservatives Hoping Harper’s Tories Win – Well duh!  Why is this news?

Saskatchewan NDP Premier Endorses Conservatives – Keep the endorsements coming. 

Le May Doan Slams Cherry in Flag War – As hot as she is, Cherry is right on this one.

Cracks in Liberal Bedrock – Let’s hope the crack makes way for a flood of Tory votes.

No Jail for Man who Molested 6-Year Old – It’s too bad, I’m sure our prison system would have taken good care of him.

Panic Sweeps Latte Land – Best part of the article:

My girlfriends are beside themselves. Stephen Harper and his barbarian horde are about to conquer Canada and sack it. My friends are convinced he’ll rule like a cross between the Taliban and George Bush. If he has his way, he’ll repeal gay marriage, lock up the homeless, and throw orphans onto the streets. He’ll send our soldiers to fight in imperialist foreign wars, and allow the Arctic ice to melt. That kinder, gentler remake? It doesn’t fool them for a second.

Martin Can’t Blame Buzz for his Woes



1. nicolas - March 2, 2006

what happened to the fattest man from mexico? did he died recently?

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