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Random Ramblings January 17, 2006

Posted by Binford in Random Ramblings.

So I did my civic duty last night and took advantage of the advance polls.  Thought I’d get my vote in there for my Conservative candidate Guy Lauzon before I changed my mind (yeah right!).  My true reason for voting early was to avoid the lineups and to allow for a free evening to watch the election coverage, the hockey game between the Sens and Leafs and of course another episode of 24.  Not sure which one of the three will be more exciting though.

–  Speaking of 24, if you ever wanted to know what having an addiction is all about, watch this show.  It is quite possibly the best TV show ever!  We were treated to four hours of it on Sunday and Monday and the week cannot go by fast enough until the next episode.  The show is so good that Carley gave up her usual Sunday night viewing of Desperate Housewives to watch it.

–  Anyone watch the Steelers/Colts game Sunday?  What an incredible game and the ending was just unbelievable.  Being a kicker is probably the most stressful job in football.  Oh and the easiest is probably that of a referee.  Especially when you are able to review a play using instant replay.  Unless your name is Pete Morelli, the referee who blew that call in the fourth quarter where the Steeler’s Troy Polamalu clearly intercepted the ball.  Probably one of the worst calls in NFL history.  Even the NFL admitted it was a bad call.  Could you imagine the controversy if the Colts actually came back and won that game?  You can kiss your job goodbye Morelli.  And don’t even think of showing your face in public anymore.

–  TV show I hate without ever watching an episode:  Falcon Beach.

–  TV commercial I’m beginning to get annoyed with:  Scotia Partners Portfolio.

–  Have you seen the commercial for Skating with Celebrities where they flashed the faces of the celebrities who were going to be on the show?  Were you able to recognize any of them?  Me neither.  Oh and if you really want to know, the celebrities are: 

Dave Coulier
Bruce Jenner
Deborah Gibson
Todd Bridges
Jillian Barberie
Kristy Swanson

Good list of unemployed celebrities from the 1990’s and possibly 80’s as well.  Nice.



1. Jason Riley - January 17, 2006

Binh please tell me that by casting your vote for Guy Lauzon your casting it for the party and not for Mr. Lauzon himself. Mr. Lauzon has done nothing for this riding except attend free dinners.

2. Binford - January 17, 2006

More for the party than the candidate. Judging from the current polls, it would be wise to have a Conservative candidate for our area if the Conservatives do form the next government.

3. Jason Riley - January 17, 2006

I agree with you that it would be wise to have a candidate from the same party that was elected into power, however I just can’t bring myself to vote for Mr. Lauzon.

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