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The Invasion Has Begun January 13, 2006

Posted by Binford in Politics.

The movement of troops into our cities has begun.  Driving to work this morning, I saw a flatbed tractor trailer carrying two army personel vehicles into the city of Ottawa.  There didn’t seem to be any troops inside these vehicles but I would imagine that they could be parachuted in at a moment’s notice or when a plane rental is available from the Russians.  I am only speculating here, but it would appear that Stephen Harper is creating a military build-up inside major Canadian cities to quell the Liberal rebellion and impose righteous Christian values.  Marry your gay partner before it’s too late I say!  Don’t have a partner?  Find one, it’s the only way to save our country!  It’s the beginning of the Apocalyse people!  This is what they talk about in the Book of Revelations!

In a less hysterical observation, the army personel vehicles I observed looked rusty and run down and probably couldn’t carry anyone without falling apart.  It’s possible they were being taken to the dump or a repair facility. 



1. thehm - January 16, 2006

Oh man.

Yes Stephen Harper wants military in the major Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax etc.) to reduce “crime”. He is also anti-Kyoto, he is abolishing the $5 million grant for our First Nations, and wants to remove gay marriage with free vote, and also he wants to join the US missile defence. The cost of the Conservative platform has grown to a whopping $75 BILLION.

SO in short. The Conservative party wants to transform Canada to become a replica to our neighbours to the south. The United States of Canada…

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