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John Duffy Gets Spanked January 11, 2006

Posted by Binford in Politics.

John Duffy, a strategist with the Liberal party, got berated by Mike Duffy last night for trying to silence the media in regards to the controversial and retracted Liberal attack ad about Stephen Harper sending troops into Canadian cities.

A Liberal strategist’s frustrated rebuff to a question about a controversial campaign ad spurred political talk show host Mike Duffy into a stunning, angry outburst last night during live television coverage of the French-language leaders’ debate.

Liberal tactician John Duffy, a regular guest on the CTV show Countdown with Mike Duffy, had grown visibly weary of questions about the attack ad, which was distributed to the media and posted briefly on the Internet but never aired on television.

But that is what Mike Duffy wanted to ask about. And when Duffy the strategist tried to dismiss Duffy the journalist, redirecting his question into a discussion about the debate, the host staged a fiery television attack of his own.

With cameras rolling on what may have been the most captivating 30 seconds of TV of the campaign thus far, the host spilled the beans about an off-camera plea from his guest not to raise the ad, which warned a Conservative government under Stephen Harper would lead to “soldiers with guns” in Canadian cities.

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Download the video here, courtesy of Joel Johannesen over at ProudToBeCanadian.  I saw it live last night on CTV Newsnet and I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.  It was the best verbal beating I’ve seen on any news show ever! 



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