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Another Liberal Blunder December 27, 2005

Posted by Binford in Politics.

I’m beginning to really enjoy this election campaign as top people in the Liberal party continue to show us their true thoughts and feelings.  Paul Wells blows a top Liberal party executive who espoused so very dubious thought on his blog.  Things like:

  • Olivia Chow looks like a dog
  • Steven Fletcher is funny when he’s mad because he’s a cripple
  • Harper and Duceppe are gay or something
  • Ontario voters outside of Toronto, like Barrie, represented by a Liberal MP, are unimportant and a joke
  • People are stupid, pity politicians who have to pretend to be nice
  • Jack Layton is an asshole (Source:  Angry in the G.W.N)

For more details check out:

Angry In The Great White North
Stephen Taylor
Idealistic Pragmatist

Of course we can still assume that because the Conservatives might have some similar thoughts that have not yet been exposed, they still have a scary hidden agenda.  I am in awe of the Liberal train wreck.



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