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Manley’s Comment Smells December 18, 2005

Posted by Binford in Politics.

The Liberal candidate for my riding, Tom Manley was caught in somewhat of a gaffe this past week during a french debate:

While responding to a question about jobs and the economy during a French-languange all-candidates meeting Thursday, Manley said we can breathe clean air in Cornwall.


Of course Manley is denying the whole thing stating that the air quality here in Cornwall is better than Toronto.  And it’s too bad there are no audio to back up Lauzon’s claim but let’s say the accusation is true.  Let’s say Manley did comment on the air quality here.  On the surface it seems innocent enough.  But let’s point out a few things that many people might use to interpret Manley’s comments as disingenuous:

1.  Cornwall has a reputation for being a smelly city.
2.  Domtar is somewhat, if not completely responsible for the smell in the city.
3.  Domtar is closing in a few months and have scale back large parts of their operations since last year at this time.
4.  Once Domtar is closed, one would assume that the air quality in the city will be improved dramatically.
5.  Tom Manley was a former Green Party candidate.  That’s not a negative on the Green Party but we know that their focus is mainly on the environment.

Also, Manley stated that he would like to see more medium sized manufacturing jobs come to the city, which I guess would mean that if a car manufacturer wanted to open up shop here, they are not welcomed.  It’s no wonder Lauzon reacted the way he did because most of us would have assumed the same thing. 



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