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Random Ramblings December 13, 2005

Posted by Binford in Random Ramblings.

Let’s dispel the unfair assumption by many Canadians that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have a hidden agenda by making Harper take a lie detector test.  As a supporter I think Harper is probably one of the more honest politicians out there and he would easily come out clean on the test.  Perhaps it might be a good idea to have all the political leaders take the test but how to do you get Martin to actually answer simple yes/no questions?  Besides, it could take all day as he would have to check the polls or consult with a focus group to come up with an answer. 

One good thing about a holiday election campaign; lawn signs decorated with Christmas lights.  Or Holiday lights if you are a Liberal. 

Speaking of lawn signs.  In regards to my riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry, if the election was based solely on the amount of signs out there, Guy Lauzon (Conservative) would win in a landslide, followed by Elaine MacDonald (NDP) and then Tom Manley (Liberal).  Not sure who the Green Party candidate is.  I could probably find out but that would just waste pollution creating power that powers this laptop that I am writing this blog on.  Although in retrospect I could have looked it up if I had not just written about why I didn’t look it up.  Confusing no?  Anyways,  Lauzon is the incumbent and seems to be very tough to beat.

Beer and popcorn?  I think most Canadians would spend that $100 a month the Conservatives want to give to parents on donuts and coffee at Tim Hortons.  That Scott Reid, he’s obviously not in-tuned with ordinary Canadians. 

Just saw a promo for the finale of Trump’s Apprentice this week.  Apparently the Donald has a surprise for us.  Judging from previous promos where the announcer proclaims Randal and Rebecca as the best final two ever, I’m thinking Trump is going to hire both of them.  Just a hunch.  We’ll know Thursday and hopefully I’ll be back here on Friday to brag about it. 

Speaking about the Apprentice, does anyone really care who wins the spot as Martha’s Apprentice?  I’m only going to watch just so that I can see Jim crash and burn for the out of place candidate he really is.  Come on!  Jim cannot be the face of Martha’s company.  That wouldn’t be a good thing.  My money is on Dawna. 

I saw a commercial for 24 the other day and was surprised to see, get ready for this, an explosion!  God I love that show.  Apparently there is a 10 minute prequel to season five on the season four DVD box set.  I downloaded it from somewhere.  Not sure if it was the Internet.  Could be.  Let me know if you guys want a copy of it. 

Most disturbing commercial on TV has to be that Maple Leaf ready-to-serve pot roast commercial where we see dad wearing a pair of ladies pants bent over taking the roast out of the oven.  Thankfully Maple Leaf, probably at the behest of many dads out there, revised that commercial to not include the butt shot. 

Hey Robitussin, stop trying to get us to say “Robitussin” every time someone coughs.  It’s not going to happen. 

We are twelve days from Christmas and surprisingly, I’ve only had three people ask if I got all of my shopping done.  Nobody seems to care anymore I guess. 

If Jason Spezza is not named to the Canadian Olympic hockey team, expect a flurry of conspiracy theories from Ottawa Senators fans on why he didn’t make it.  Somehow I think the Toronto Maple Leafs will get the blame.  Considering the Olympic coach is none other than Pat Quinn.



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