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The Final Two December 9, 2005

Posted by Binford in Entertainment.

Great episode of the Apprentice last night as the ending left us with two candidates on the verge of having their events end in catastrophe.  Rebecca’s MC for her event had to cancel because of unspecified union issues while Randal’s outdoor event could become a washout. 

Going into the final task, everyone seemed to have pegged Randal as the odds on favourite to become Trump’s next apprentice.  He’s smart, was effective as a project manager and garnered a lot of respect from his peers throughout the whole interview process.  But the final task showed us some rather large gaffes Randal made that might put some doubts of his success on many people’s minds.  According to the representative of Autism Speaks, the charity involved in his event, Randel did not seem to take an interest in the cause and that Josh seemed to be the leader of the group.  The Outback rep, sensing that the event might be heading for trouble, shared his concerns with Randal by pointing out that it seemed odd that Mark was the only one busting his butt getting things set up on the field.  And why was it necessary for the whole team to go pick up some party supplies?  Also, does Randal even have a backup plan just in case his event gets rained out?

Is it me or can Mark be easily be mistaken for a finalist on the show?  The guy is such a hard worker.  It seemed like he was vying for the apprentice job.  While Randal and the rest of them were up in the office doing who knows what, he’s running around doing all of the work on the field.  He also rightly pointed out the absurdity of having all four team members go and pick up some party supplies while he had to reschedule and cancel his meeting with a radio announcer for the event.

Just before the show, I said to Carley that they had better not bring back Toral to help with the final tasks.  I was somewhat relieved that this would not occur when both Randal and Rebecca were given the choice to pick who would be on their team.  Then, Toral’s name was mentioned and the collective base of Apprentice fans around the world gave a big “WHAT THE F*$&?!”.  Although I really despise Toral, I sure hope she does an outstanding job for Rebecca.  You might think Rebecca was dumb in picking Toral for her team, but I think it was very gutsy.  Let’s hope it pays off for her.

Perhaps it’s the editing and such, but it really looks like Rebecca is completely in control and well organized.  Her event took a blow because of the whole Joe Piscopo”my union won’t let me host a charity event” debacle, but I sense she will overcome this and put on an excellent event.  Funny thing, it’s an event looking to get donations for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, without directly asking for one.  Sounds kinda weird doesn’t it?

It should be an awesome finale next week.  Randal was the odds on favourite going into tonight’s episode but it’s a toss up now.  My money is on Rebecca winning it.  But who knows what’s going to happen next week.  I can’t wait!



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