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Environmental Hypocrisy December 9, 2005

Posted by Binford in Politics.

Holy crap!  A Toronto Star opinion piece that takes a swipe at Paul Martin and the Liberals.  Perhaps I was wrong about the Star.  Anyways, Richard Gwyn writes about how hypocrital Martin is in regards to Kyoto and the lack of action on his government’s part in implementing any real changes to help the environment:

We’ve done nothing about climate change and about global warming except talk. For us to now preach at others is pure hypocrisy.

The evidence is unimpeachable.

According to a report by the U.N.’s climate-change secretariat that was released just before the Montreal meeting began, Canada’s performance on greenhouse gas emissions is close to the worst in the world.

Under Kyoto, we, (and all other signatories) are pledged to reduce our emission by the period 2008 to 2012 to 6 per cent less than our levels in 1990. Instead of going down, our emissions have gone up — by a whopping one-quarter (24.2 per cent), by the end of 2003.

This is the sixth-worst performance in the world. Only one other large country, Spain, has performed worse than us.

Worse by far, in the light of Martin’s opportunistic moralism, the U.S. has done far better than us. Its rate of emissions is also up, but only by a cumulative 13.3 per cent, roughly half as much as ours.


He’s got some nerve criticising the U.S. when our record on cutting emissions is a lot worse. 



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