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The Right Approach to Child Care December 5, 2005

Posted by Binford in Politics.

Now this is the right approach to helping parents with the cost of child care: 

Stephen Harper is promising that the Conservative party would dole out day-care money directly to Canadian parents.  

Under a Tory child-care strategy, individual families would be able to choose how they would utilize the day-care dollars they receive from the government — intended to give parents more choice compared to the Liberals’ plan. 

Speaking at an Ottawa day-care centre Monday morning, Harper promised: 

  • a $1,200-a-year allowance for every child per household under the age of six — money which families can use in any way they want; and  
  • $250 million in tax credits every year to fund a community child care investment program.   

The $1,200 payment, called the choice in child care allowance, would be taxable in the hands of the spouse with the lower income. 

Harper is such a scary guy spewing such thoughts as these: 

“It’s hard enough to be a parent, but governments should support your choices, not limit them,” he said. “In fact, the only people who should be making these choices are parents, not politicians, not the government.” 

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It is so refreshing to hear such talk of personal choice and responsibility from a politician.  Why do we have to be dependent on the government to make choices for us?  Why can’t be decide for ourselves where we should send our kids?  Why is it necessary, under the Liberal’s $5 billion child care program, to create a big bureaucracy for something many Canadians do not use.  I know many people who send their kids to home based daycares, like my wife’s, or to their retired parents or relatives.  Lee, you send your kids to Carley because she’s probably cheaper and because there is that trust there in a family member that you don’t get with a stranger.  And who’s to say these government child care facilities have the most qualified people.  Carley is a very qualified child care provider with excellent experience.  When it all comes down to it, it’s about choice.  A choice which will rightly be in the hands of parents if the Conervatives are successful in this election.



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