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Felisha & Alla Fired! December 2, 2005

Posted by Binford in Entertainment.

It’s down to the final two as Felisha and Alla got the axe last night because in Bill’s words, “Felisha can’t lead and Alla can’t be led, hands down”.  The two teams were tasked with creating a 60 second ad to tout the new Microsoft Live Meeting service.  While Excel created a compelling story which sent a clear message of what Live Meeting was about, Capital Edge couldn’t decide who the director would be and created a muddle and hard to follow ad with text boxes flying everywhere.

You knew Felisha had to go.  Her insecurities and inability to make a decision cost her this week and Alla didn’t help very much by being such a pain in the butt.

I’m so glad Alla is gone.  She might have been a good project manager, but she was a lousy team player.  It seems she has a problem with the chain of command, purposefully taking over tasks and creating a mutinous environment within her team.  If she can’t be lead, how is she ever going to work for Trump?  Trump, Carolyn and the like would have to constantly look over their shoulders to make sure she hasn’t taken over their jobs.

Was Alla’s attempt at a quick getaway due to the fact she was anxious to go up and celebrate her reprieve?  Or did she think Trump was going to fire her next and wanted to escape before he could do it?  It seemed like it was the fastest break for the boardroom doors I’ve ever seen on the show.

That actor Excel hired was awful wasn’t he?  Randal had to step in for the guy and surprisingly did a fantastic job.  Who knew Randal could act?

Who knew Trump was such a sweet guy.  On top of taking care of dinner for his beautiful wife, he says such nice things as, “You’re so lucky to be married to me”.  Of course she’s a lucky woman.  Being Donald Trump’s wife is a $10 billion a year industry.

Bill impresses me more and more every time he’s on the show.  There’s a reason why he’s Donald’s apprentice and he’s probably the best of the ones Donald has hired because we don’t see anyone else but him in the boardroom.

I am really relieved to see Randal and Rebecca in the finals.  They both deserve to be there and it’s going to be difficult to really cheer for one or the other because they are both great candidates.  My pick is on Randal to win it but don’t discount a determined Rebecca either.  She’s got a lot of fight in her and she’s just as smart as Randal.  Although she showed a little bit of unwarranted anxiety when Carolyn asked how long it took to produce the video.



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