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Adam Fired November 25, 2005

Posted by Binford in Entertainment.

I haven’t been consistent in my review of Donald’s Apprentice so as the list of candidates gets smaller I thought maybe it’s time to get back to it.  So here goes. 

Last night we got two hours of Apprentice goodness as the first hour was dedicated to reviewing the season thus far and the second hour saw both teams compete in a task which saw them “wrapping (sp?)” for Shania Twain’s new fragrance.

The first hour was the usual rundown of the season thus far with a few tidbits and clips that were not originally shown on the show.  The only thing that bothered me with this review was that I had to endure the narcissistic ramblings of Toral who, from how she was explaining things, actually left the show voluntarily because she was way to smart to be on the show and to compete with lesser individuals was beneath her.  Equally annoying is Markus whose only purpose in life, it seems, is to give long winded and unintelligible answers to simple questions.  You can probably spend a whole day with him to discuss what his favourite colour is.  Oh and I got in trouble last night for saying that I thought Jennifer M. was hot.  Obviously I was wrong as the only hot girl ever is my wife.

In hour number two of the extended edition of the Apprentice, the field is down to five candidates who are tasked with implementing a marketing campaign to promote Shania Twain’s new perfume, Shania.  The marketing approach they have to take is something called “wrapping” where you wrap advertising around things like people.  The advertising campaign must compel people to call a 1-800 number to order a sample of the perfume.  Capital Edge decided to use horse carriages and a team of 15 temps for their task while Excel flooded the streets of New York with 60 temps and some Spanish guy in a van with a megaphone.  Excel won the task by five callers, sending Capital Edge to the boardroom where an inexperience Adam got the boot.

–  I knew for sure Adam wasn’t going to make it to the final four.  I don’t think he did anything remarkable during the season but I don’t think he did anything stupid either which could be the reason for his longevity.  He seems to be more of a follower than a leader and of course his lack of experience is a knock against him, albeit a minor one.  His carriage idea was simply terrible, but it may have worked if the horses were able to talk.  I had a good laugh when he was all shocked that Felisha put the blame on him for the team’s loss.  Yes Adam, in the boardroom, people will be blaming other people for the failures of the team.  It seemed like a new concept to him for some reason. 

–  Don’t mess with Trump.  He’ll not only hang up on you, he’ll call you back to let you know he hung up on you.

–  It’s hard not to see Alla as one of the two finalists for the Apprentice job.  She’s hard working, very motivated, and tough as nails.  Not often is Donald so impressed that he sends a project manager back up to the suite without having to face the firing squad.  However, it’s really hard not to see Randal and Rebecca in the finals as well.  Tough decisions lay ahead for Trump. 

–  Felisha was shocked when Carolyn said that her and Adam were the weakest of the remaining candidates.  Sorry Felisha, but when Carolyn speaks, she speaks the truth.  Trump should have dumped her last night too.

–  Rebecca and Randal are pretty sneaky.  After accidentally obtaining intelligence that Capital Edge had secured ten megaphones from Radio Shack, the wily twosome swooped in and procured the items as their own.  Under the alias of the somewhat lost Capital Edge team who couldn’t make it to the Shack in time.  I thought it was a little unethical but Bill and Donald ate it up.  I guess that’s what being a “Gladiator” means.  There’s a poll on the Apprentice website that asks whether or not it was wrong for Excel to buy the megaphones that Capital Edge had set aside.  So far 62% of respondents said that it was all fair in love and business. 

The next Apprentice is the live two-hour finale.  I can’t wait!



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