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Devastating! November 30, 2005

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I just heard that the Domtar plant in Cornwall will be closing by March 2006.  This news is absolutely devastating.  The city is going to be hit hard by this economically and it’s impossible to see how the city can recover from this.  My thoughts are with the employees and their families, especially those members of my own family who will be out of a job come March. 


Where Does She Get The Nerve? November 30, 2005

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Obviously, Belinda does not know the meaning of the word betrayal.  How else to explain this:

Last May, Belinda Stronach crossed the floor and now she wants her former campaign team to follow.

The Liberal cabinet minister is asking the Conservative volunteers who helped her get elected in 2004 to come work for the Liberal party.

And of course the obvious response to this was:

Kylie-Anne Young, 24, of Newmarket, who managed youth activities for Stronach in the 2004 campaign, said she got angry when she saw the letter.

“She sold out every single person who volunteered for her,” Young said.

“I think she’s scared of losing, quite honestly. She alienated a lot of people, and now she’s grasping at straws to get them back.”

Full Story

That particular riding will be very interesting to observe election night.  If the Conservatives don’t win the election, let’s hope they at least win this riding. 

Coach’s Corner November 30, 2005

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Speaking about the CBC, Don Cherry’s Coach’s Corner can be viewed over at the CBC website. I believe all of them from this NHL season are up. Go check it out here.

Oh and check out his Grapeline segment he does with Brian Williams here.  You can download the audio clips.  He seems to be a completely different person on his Grapeline segment.  He seems to be nicer to Williams than he is with Ron Maclean.

Rex Murphy November 30, 2005

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Rex Murphy seems to be the only sane voice at the CBC not towing the Liberal party talking points. Witness his latest rant about the federal gun registry:

I was peering into all of these semantic windows just for the purpose of making sure that when I said the federal gun registry — cost close to $2 billion — was useless, that I was on the right track. I think we are. There have been 69 murders in Toronto over this year. Many worthy, innocent people have tasted the deepest grief. The killings have profoundly disturbed, agitated, and alarmed the communities where they have occurred. The most recent murder was of an 18-year-old boy outside a church attending the funeral of a 17-year-old boy who was himself murdered the week before. This brazen blasphemous horror has appalled everyone. It has shaken Toronto to the core.

In none of these killings has the gun registry been of the slightest assistance. It has been ineffectual, of no beneficial use, incapable of assistance. This useless pretence of a policy has answered no valuable purpose. I bring this up in this particularly bleak context not primarily to take a smack at the gun registry, though it deserves every smack it gets, but to point out this further consideration: That cosmetic legislation, legislation designed to make people feel good, has a price beyond the $2 billion sign. Such legislation always amounts to a pretence and an evasion.

Full Story

Make sure you check out the archives.

12 Satellites Dishes, 5000 Channels November 30, 2005

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And there’s probably nothing to watch:

Then come to Al Jessup’s house — where his 5,000-plus radio and television stations from around the world beamed in by his 12 satellite dishes are bound to keep you entertained somehow.

Since 1998, the Beckley resident has amassed a collection of 12 dishes around his James Street home. He said he first just began subscribing to Direct TV and Dish Network, but he later learned that by purchasing special satellite receivers he could receive “free to air” programming from several different satellites swirling the globe. The information on how to adjust a dish and set up a receiver to pick up programming from these stations such as Galaxy 10, AMC 2 and Telestar 5 is included with these receivers.

Full Story

This story reminds me of the first Simpsons Halloween special where the Simpsons get abducted by aliens and while on the ship they are shown this entertainment centre and Bart has this exchange with the alien:

Alien: On this cable system, we receive over one million channels from the furthest reaches of the galaxy.
Bart: Do you get HBO?
Alien: No, that would cost extra.

Unfair Question November 30, 2005

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I watched the 11:00 PM CTV newscast tonight and saw a story about Stephen Harper and some reporter, probably on the CBC payroll, asked Harper this asinine question:

“Do you love Canada?”

What the heck does that have to do with anything? Is this reporter trying to help generate news releases for the Liberals because I see no reason for this question to ever have been asked. Looks like the Liberal media machine is in full swing.

UPDATE:  Looks like others have waded into the story.

“Do you love Canada?”
“The reporter must be SO proud”
“Shame on the lazy ones in the media”
“LIB Election Bias Hootenanny, Pt 5”
“He Doesn’t Love This Country”

Another Liberal Scandal? November 28, 2005

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I’m a little slow posting this as the blogosphere has been abuzz with this news all weekend:

The Conservatives and the NDP have called for an investigation into the possibility that important information was leaked to Bay Street from Finance Minister Ralph Goodale’s office last week.

The calls came less than a day before a vote in Parliament that’s expected to bring down the Liberal government and send the country into a rare winter election campaign.

On Friday, CBC News reported that trading in many income trusts and dividend-paying stocks became much heavier than usual late Wednesday – just before the government announced that it would not tax trusts and would cut the tax on stocks that pay dividends.

Full Story

This has huge implications for the election if it is found that anyone linked to the Liberal party benefited from insider information.  This is a crime, unlike the theft perpetrated by those involved in Adscam, that will not go unpunished and real jail time will be had.  If the allegations are true, could this be what will break the Liberal rule on this country?  Sadly, it’s probably not enough.

Another Poll November 27, 2005

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This poll, taken between November 11th and 16th, puts the Conservatives and Liberals at dead even in support:

ROBBINS SCE RESEARCH: Liberals 32%, Conservatives 32%, NDP 22%…

Check out the results for these two questions:

If you had to choose one which outcome would you prefer: 

Paul Martin Liberal Majority government:  32 % 

Stephen Harper minority government:  68 %


In your opinion, which party will most likely form the next government? 

Paul Martin’s Liberal Party:  35 % 

Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party:  65 %

Looks pretty promising for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Good Ol’ Saint Nick November 26, 2005

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And a lump of coal is probably going his way.

The Tale of Two Polls November 26, 2005

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I saw the following headlines over at Nealenews:

EKOS/TORONTO STAR POLL: Liberals 38%, Conservatives 29%, NDP 16%…


IPSOS-REID POLL: Liberals 34%, Conservatives 30%, NDP 16%…

The poll done by Ekos and the Toronto Star had a very favourable view of the Liberal’s chances in the upcoming election:

The Liberals are heading into the election campaign with a majority victory in sight and a lead of almost 10 percentage points over the second-place Conservatives, a new Toronto Star poll says.

Recovering from the negative impact of Justice John Gomery’s sponsorship report, the Liberals stand at 38.7 per cent of voter support, while the Conservatives have 29.4 per cent and New Democrats have 16.9 per cent, according to EKOS Research Associates Inc.

While the poll done by Ipsos-Reid for Canwest newspapers and Global National paints an entirely opposite view:

The election campaign that begins next week will be a tight race between the Liberals and Conservatives thanks to deep public cynicism over how Prime Minister Paul Martin’s government has resorted to a massive spending spree to attract votes, a major new poll has found.

The Ipsos-Reid survey, conducted for CanWest newspapers and Global National, found that many Canadians have been unimpressed with the Liberals’ performance in recent days and weeks.

The race for voter support has tightened in just the last week alone.

The governing Liberals now have the support of 34 per cent of decided voters (down two points from an Ipsos-Reid poll a week earlier), while the Conservatives stand at 30 per cent (up by three points), Jack Layton’s NDP remains unchanged at 16 per cent, Gilles Duceppe’s Bloc Quebecois is at 15 per cent (up by two points), and the Green party is at five per cent (down by one point).

Ipsos-Reid president Darrell Bricker said in an interview Friday that one of the reasons for the declining Liberal support is an apparent voter backlash to the government’s pre-election strategy of promising billions of dollars in tax cuts and new spending programs.

So which poll better reflects the current mindset and voting intentions of Canadians?  How reliable are polls when two of them show entirely different results and reasons.  If I had to choose which poll to take seriously, it would be the one done by Ipsos-Reid, as it is clear that the Toronto Star is a mouthpiece for the Liberals and they want nothing more than to help them get re-elected.